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Storm Witch Preview

In case you didn't get the memo, 2018 is the year of the Storm Witch. The Graveyard was scheduled to host a Swamp Witch between the two IT years, but our lead actress wanted a character that could be beautiful as well as creepy. The costume design is still in conceptual design but will wind up being a mashup of these looks -

As our witch will being casting lightning, wind, rain and snow, it's going to be a heavy practical effects year. My hail machine was over-ruled because of some BS about 'endangering' small children by bombarding them with ice pellets. Whatever.

Our Storm Witch will be storm casting the old fashioned way, by whistling and singing. We'll start to preview the Storm Witch leitmotif in early october, triggered by a IR motion sensor. That trigger will cause the Graveyard's lampost to flicker and play the whistled theme in a very distant tree mounded speaker.

Here's the first 7ish minutes of the rough mix to the 42 minute 'Waltz of the Storm Witch' -

Be careful what you whistle while walking in the woods at night...

Cracking Crypt

This sound effect was created for a cracking tombstone prop in the front cemetary of a haunt. The mix was designed for a non-traditional L/R use. The left channel was placed below the ground plane by the tombstone while the right channel was placed inside a 2nd story window inside the haunt behind the cemetary. The thunder was heard in the elevated channel with some LFE in the ground channel. As the tombstone cracked apart, the ground channel emitted a groaning, cracking sound and a burst of fog was released from behind the tombstone. A ghastly voice was heard panning from the ground up to the 2nd story window. The ground to elevation panning of the sound effect followed the fog burst that acted as a momentary projection screen with an image of a ghost appearing dimensionally within the fog. The actual 3d prop that was filmed for the projection was then briefly illuminated in the 2nd story window as visitors eyes followed the fog cloud and sound source.

Here is the video that was dimensionally projected into the fog burst. The prop placed in the 2nd story window was lit the same light and blown by the same fan as seen in the video. Creature design by Kyle @ Midnight Studios FX.

If you're interested, here are the schematic plans for this prop and installation.

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