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Met Larry

Lawrence Fishburne I presume…

Lawrence Fishburne I presume…

In case you didn’t get the memo, 2019 is the year of the Swamp Witch. At least @Studio184. There are many things that let your neighbors know you might be slightly more serious than they are about Halloween, you know, like installing a fake sewer in your side yard so things can pop out of it. We had a talking demon skull demanding candy in exchange for safe passage, and 2017 had Pennywise popping out and asking if anyone would like to float. This year is Larry’s turn. Larry is from Midnight Studio FX. Larry normally comes as a 7ft tall full creature prop, but we only needed the head to pop up, so Kyle graciously helped us out. For the record, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t call him Larry.

This prop will have fog flowing from the sewer opening with a green laser at the lip so it will match the green laser swamp of the Swamp Witch that will be located nearby. Larry will be fully ‘submerged’ in the sewer. Froggy’s Poseidon A2 will be pouring fog into the sewer from an inlet located 20ft away. We will be using a pneumatic cylinder from Fright Props to raise Larry out of the ‘water’, and a pneumatic rotater to turn Larry’s head back and forth. The controlling solenoid will be located with the fog machine, so there shouldn’t be too much pneumatic hiss. As Larry emerges, a couple of Gantom spots will illuminate all of his toothy glory, which will be dripping with some Rip City FX chum. We won’t talk about the actual shark chum under a bed of real seaweed to lend an ‘air’ of authenticity. And finally, as Larry submerges back into the sewer, an air multiplier located at the bottom of the sewer basin will provide an eruption of fog to exaggerate his retreat.

And it will sound like this -

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