Graveyard Tracks

The Essence of Ambient Creep

Child Coffin

This prop will sit in the north corner of the graveyard a few feet from the sidewalk, behind the fence. It’s triggered by an IR motion sensor hidden in an adjacent tombstone. The sound for this prop uses an alternative stereo speaker placement, with the left channel speaker placed at ground level and the right channel speaker hidden in a tree. The tree is about 8ft behind the coffin, and the speaker is 12ft up in the tree. The sound of the children singing floats down from above with plenty of reverb before the left channel ground speaker draws your attention to the coffin as the lid swings open. Although the test video doesn’t show the lighting, as the coffin opens, the light changes from a dim warm white to a flickering amber as you hear the child laughing. As the lid closes, you also hear a falling heavy chain, which wasn’t wrapped around the coffin for the test video. The coffin is from Asylum Coffin Co, the remains from Midnight Studios FX, the moto mech from Fright Props, The Pico Volt motor controller and Boo Box from Fright Ideas, and the lighting from Gantom.

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